Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher calls for Stellini’s sacking

Jamie Carragher demands manager Stellini to be sacked after a horrid run of results. Will there be an end to the clubs misery or will they continue to suffer?

Tottenham‘s 6-1 defeat at the hands of Newcastle was a major setback for the club, especially considering that five of those goals were scored in the first twenty minutes. This disastrous performance has sparked serious criticism from all corners, with former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher voicing his opinion on the matter. Carragher believes that interim manager Cristian Stellini should be sacked immediately as his presence has had a minimal impact on the team’s fortunes, having only managed to win 1 of their four games under his guidance.

It’s difficult to disagree with Carragher’s analysis given Tottenham’s current predicament and it remains to be seen what action they will take following this disaster. The London-based team have been struggling recently and it is necessary for them to make some quick decisions if they wish to get back on track. It is also important for them to find an experienced manager who can turn things around quickly and bring success back to Spurs. In addition, investing in new players might also be necessary in order for the club to regain its competitive edge in Premier League football.

Carragher phrased it best when he said that Tottenham needs to act immediately and replace Stellini before their season gets worse. As difficult as it may be, Tottenham must come together during these challenging times and make sure they are making the right decisions in order to ensure a better future for their club. We can only wait and see what actions they decide upon but one thing is certain – something must change if Tottenham want any chance at achieving their goals this season.

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