Man United Fans Fuming: Glazer Family Stay On Board in Ratcliffe Takeover Deal

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Man United fans could be left fuming if billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe strikes a deal with the Glazer family to allow Joel and Avram Glazer to remain in charge of the club. That’s according to football finance expert Kieran Maguire, who recently spoke exclusively with Football Insider about the potential takeover.

If Sir Jim Ratcliffe does agree to the Glazers’ demands and keeps them in place at Old Trafford, Man United fans are likely to be left feeling disgruntled. After all, the family have not always been popular with supporters since taking control of the club back in 2005, due to their involvement in a controversial deal which saw millions of pounds of debt burden placed on the club.

The takeover saga has been a long and drawn out affair, with Ratcliffe being linked with a potential bid for the club since last year. He is now believed to be close to finalising his £3 billion purchase of Manchester United, although it is not yet clear what concessions he will make as part of the deal.

The Glazer family have made it clear that they would like to remain involved in the running of the club, and some fans feel that this could be detrimental to its future success. Maguire believes that Ratcliffe’s decision to keep the Glazers on board will leave Man United supporters feeling understandably angry, highlighting the need for more transparency and clarity going forward.

Ratcliffe has expressed his admiration for the club in recent weeks, and it is believed that he will look to create a winning culture at Old Trafford by investing heavily in the squad. However, if Sir Jim Ratcliffe does agree to let Joel and Avram Glazer stay on as part of the deal, it could be a bitter pill for Man United fans to swallow.

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Regardless of what happens in the coming weeks with the potential takeover of Manchester United, one thing is for certain – the Glazer family’s in the club has been controversial Football finance expert Kieran Maguire believes that if Sir Jim Ratcliffe allows Joel and Avram Glazer to remain on the board at Old Trafford, it will leave Man United fans feeling understandably disgruntled.

It remains to be seen what concessions Ratcliffe is willing to make as part of the £3 billion purchase, and whether the Glazers will remain in charge. If so, this could have a damaging effect on both the club’s finances and its reputation amongst supporters.

What’s certain is that Man United fans will be keeping an eye out for more transparency and clarity as the takeover saga draws to a close. With Ratcliffe’s plans for the future of the club still unclear, it is likely that supporters will be hoping that he can come through with an agreement which allows them to move forwards in a positive manner.

Only time will tell what the outcome of this deal is, but it could prove to be a defining moment in the history of Manchester United.

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