Ronaldo Grants Paraplegic Boy His Wish to Meet Football Star

Cristiano Ronaldo made a young fan's dream come true when he met Ibrahim al-Anzi, who was born paraplegic, before Al Nassr played against Al Batin.

Ibrahim al-Anzi’s dream of meeting the football star Cristiano Ronaldo came true on Friday when he was welcomed at the Suleimaniah Stadium in Riyadh before Al Nassr played against Al Batin. Turki Alalshikh, the Chairman of Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority, made it possible for Ibrahim and his family to travel to Riyadh and watch their idol. Despite being born paraplegic, Ibrahim remained steadfast in his wish to meet Ronaldo who shared some special words with him after they met. It was a moment that will remain etched in young Ibrahim’s memory forever as he smiles with joy at having achieved something he never dreamt would be so easy; such is the power of perseverance!

Al-Anzi was ecstatic to finally meet his idol, Ronaldo, and had the experience of a lifetime watching the game. His emotions were so overwhelming that he later posted a video of himself on social media thanking Turki Alalshikh, Chairman of the club Al Nassr, for making his dream of visiting the stadium come true. The 3-1 win over Al Batin was an added bonus as it resulted in jubilation throughout Marsoul Park Stadium! Al-Anzi’s words described his excitement perfectly as “Baba” means “Dad” in Arabic and Turki Alalshikh had single-handedly made it all happen for him.

Ibrahim’s father was shocked when he discovered his son had opened a TikTok account, using the platform to reach out to Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo and ask for help meeting him. Despite the hardships her family faced due to their health situation – with both parents suffering from cancer – he and his wife decided they had to take the trip to Riyadh and make sure Ibrahim got the chance to meet his idol in person. This story is a remarkable example of perseverance in the face of adversity and serves as an inspiring reminder that dreams are never too far out of reach.

On Friday, Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo did something remarkable. Drawing attention from fans worldwide, they shared his meeting with Syrian seven-year-old Rabih Shaheen via social media. The young boy had made a wish to see the football star, caught by the Saudi rescue team operating in an area hit by the deadly earthquake on February 6, 2021. After seeing the video online, philanthropist Turq Alalshikh worked hard to make sure Rabih could finally experience and meet their beloved idol in person. Thanks to Alalshikh’s efforts and Sheehan’s enthusiasm, it was an epic and much-deserved bonding session between two of the world’s biggest stars meets a young dreamer full of courage.

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