Indian Women’s Hockey Team Thrives Under Coach Janneke Schopman’s Mentoring

Indian women's hockey team midfielder Neha Goyal commends coach Janneke Schopman's mentoring and mental training techniques.

In a significant development, Indian women’s hockey team midfielder Neha Goyal has heaped praise on head coach Janneke Schopman for her instrumental role in the team’s progress. Schopman, an Olympic gold medallist, took over as the chief coach of the Indian women’s hockey team in the aftermath of the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. Her hands-on coaching style and mental training methods have left a lasting impact on the squad.

Schopman’s tenure has been marked by notable improvements in the team’s performance. Despite a disappointing loss to China in the semifinals of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, which dashed India’s hopes of a gold medal and a spot in the Paris 2024 Olympics, the squad rebounded strongly to claim the Bronze medal. This marked India’s fourth Bronze medal in Women’s Field Hockey at the Asian Games, showcasing their resilience and progress under Schopman’s guidance.

As India prepares for the Women’s Asian Champions Trophy, Neha Goyal lauded the work done by Coach Schopman. Goyal emphasized how Schopman has positively impacted the players, instilling a sense of improvement and confidence within the team. One notable aspect of Schopman’s coaching philosophy is her focus on mindfulness and staying in the present moment during matches.

Goyal revealed that Schopman encourages the players to demonstrate their skills on the field and to communicate with her during games if they feel overwhelmed by pressure. This approach aims to help players avoid post-game regrets and to maintain their focus on performing to the best of their abilities.

Under Coach Janneke Schopman’s guidance, the Indian women’s hockey team has not only achieved tangible success but has also developed a strong mental framework that enables players to tackle challenges effectively. As they prepare for future tournaments, the team appears well-equipped to continue their journey of growth and excellence in international women’s field hockey.

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