Is Brian Ortega’s Return A Threat To Ilia Topuria’s Featherweight Title?

Will Brian Ortega's comeback win against Yair Rodriguez be enough to say that he is physically and mentally prepared to fight Ilia Topuria?

UFC Mexico even brought victory for Brian Ortega, who remained out of the action for almost two years. Brian Ortega in 2022 while fighitng against Yair Rodriguez got injured, and his shoulder injury required multiple surgeries to finally make him do a comeback in 2024. On his comeback fight, he choked out Yair Rodriguez to win the featherweight bout even after having an awful first round where he was busted up by “El Pantera.” Moreover, prior to the fight, when Bruce Buffer was announcing the names of the fighters, Brian Ortega while jumping twisted his right leg’s ankle, despite the fact that he did a comeback in the second round of the fight, finally finishing the fight in the third round. 

With his brilliant comeback in the co-main event, Brian Ortega has once again spiked the expectations of the fight fans regarding his potential shot to the featherweight title, which is currently held by Ilia Topuria, who has been undefeated so far in her MMA career, and his victory against Alexander Volkanovski, who has been on the top for only about 5 years and whom even Briana Ortega in his prime couldn’t defeat, shows the power and skills of Ilia Topuria, and after the UFC 298, a rematch between the former champion and Topuria in the latter’s country is expected. 

Ilia Topuria is not looking to fight Brian Ortega as of now and has already said that he won’t be allowing Yair, Ortega, or Holloway to get this opportunity to fight him so early. It will be interesting to see what the UFC has planned for the featherweight division next. So far, the odds are in favour of Ilia Topuria, who is not just good on the ground but equally lethal on his feet, and Brian Ortega has yet to prove that he deserves a shot at the featherweight throne. Until then, fans have to wait for the announcement.

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  1. Brian Ortega’s impressive comeback win sets the stage for a potential showdown with Ilia Topuria! 👊🏆 Will he be the one to dethrone the featherweight champion? 🤔 #UFC #FeatherweightTitle

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