UFC 298: “I Want to Go to Spain Too” Dana White Drops Hint On A Big Event In Spain

Dana White wants to take UFC in Spain after UFC 298 Ilia Topuria's performance. 

UFC 298 brought the moment Ilia Topuria was waiting for, as the Georgian-Spanish MMA fighter became the new UFC featherweight champion after knocking down the finest featherweight champion in UFC history, Alexander Volkanovski, in the second round of the main event after becoming the new undisputed featherweight champion. Ilia Topuria calls out Conor McGregor for a fight in Spain and requests that Dana White make the fight happen in Spain. Dana White, backing the UFC champion, declared that he would try to make a fight happen in Spain during the UFC 298 post-fight press conference.

“We’re going to Spain. If there’s a venue available for us, we’ll be there.”

Dana White told reporters

Ilia Topuria did what he said prior to the fight: “El Matador” said that he would win the fight by knockout, and he did exactly that, landing a perfect right hook on Alex’s chin and dropping him down on the canvas. His impressive performance against one of the greatest featherweights of all time earned him a US $50,000 bonus and a promise from UFC CEO Dana White to make an event happen in Spain. Dana White, praising the skills of Ilia Topuria, called him a strong fighter and a force to be reckoned with. 

A lot of questions going into this thing: never been in a main event like this, never felt the heat, the pressure,” White said. “He couldn’t have looked any better against a Volk who looked really good, too. That fight was heating up. They were exchanging. Topuria looked solid, man – very solid.

“I think he looked great. Volk is one of the greatest of all time, and he’s definitely the greatest in that weight class ever. Topuria looked damn good in his last fight (vs. Josh Emmett), and he looked damn good tonight. If he keeps his head together and continues to do what he’s doing, he’s going to be a force in that division.”

Dana White said

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