Jorge Masvidal Taunts Colby For The Latter’s Blame On Trump For His UFC 296 Loss

Jorge Masvidal rips Colby Covington for putting the blame on Donald Trump for his UFC 296 loss. 

Colby Covington’s loss against the reigning UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards at UFC 296 has proved to be a hype killer for the “Chaos,” as Leon Edwards registered a unanimous decision victory over Colby, successfully defending his title for the second time. However, it looks like Colby Covington is not ready to accept the fact that he was overwhelmed by the champion in the fight during the post-fight press conference. He accused the judges of being against him due to his close relationship with former US president Donald Trump and said this during the UFC 296 post-fight press conference. 

“I thought I had the win, I thought I did enough, but the judges never favor me, they hate me because I support Trump, and everybody hates Trump in this building, so it is what it is. Life goes on.”

Colby Covington said

Now, friend turned foe the former BMF title holder Jorge Masvidal has ripped apart Colby Covington for his blame game and said that Colby doesn’t know anything about politics and brought Donald Trump’s name into the conversation just to be in the trend. In his recent interaction with BroBible, he said this about Colby Covington.

“He doesn’t know anything about politics,” Masvidal said. “He literally just attaches his name to Trump, hoping that Trump will one day tweet his name or maybe show up to a fight. But, the guy literally knows nothing about politics, knows nothing about immigration laws, knows nothing about 401ks, about foreign policies, domestic policies. He knows nothing…

“All this guy f*****g does is throw his money away gambling on poker and paying for prostitutes to be in his f*****g videos. So, for him to go out there and involve Trump’s name so much and say, ‘The judges don’t like me because I roll with Trump and they robbed me because of Trump!’ You’re a f*****g piece of s**t.

Jorge Masvidal said

Both fighters admire Donald Trump, but the bad blood between them keeps the heat high whenever they speak to each other.

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