Former UFC Fighter Reacts To Mikey Musumechi And Saenko’s Ongoing Tussle

UFC veteran Jake Shields reacted to Mikey Musumechi's ongoing tussle, with Saenko calling the former a real Jiu-Jitsu master.

The BJJ black belt holder and champion of the flyweight grappling division in the ONE Championship, Mikey Musumechi, is no doubt a real deal when it comes to submission grappling matches. Before becoming the ONE flyweight grappling champion, he won several IBJJF championships, and his unbeaten record at the ONE championship is enough to say about his skills in grappling. Anyone who doesn’t know about him hardly wants to mess with the guy, but internet personality Saenko thought otherwise and took a dig at “Darth Rigatoni” by criticizing BJJ during his livestream, where he also made fun of Mikey Musumechi, comparing him to Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Mikey Musumechi responded to the streamer inviting him for an MMA fight, which was initially rejected by Saenko, but later he agreed to fight the champion, but only on the condition that he bring Mark Zuckerberg to debate the streamer on Zionism, which was not accepted by Mikey Musumechi. The streamer put forth such a condition as Musumechi and Zuckerberg trained together for some time and have rumored business relations with each other.

Obviously, Sneako doesn’t wanna fight me. I think with all these stupid stipulations, he knows it’ll never happen. Typical bully; they talk and they talk behind the safety of their screen, or even in the bathroom recklessly, and they never face consequences. There’s so many people out there like him. My goal here was to stand up to a bully. Kids, get yourself into Muay Thai or Jiu-Jitsu, so you can learn self-defense and know how to deal with idiots like Sneako.”

Musumechi said in the video

UFC veteran Jake Shields jumped between the conversations and commented on one of Musumechi’s response videos, saying that grappling would defeat 99.99% of the X (twitter) easily.

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