The Year 2023 Was All About Jonathan Haggerty And Seksan

ONE Championship provided another entertaining year to its fans, and two fighters of the organization made big this year.

Yet another year has come to a conclusion, and fight fans might have enjoyed it as ONE Championship delivered the thrill and excitement to its fans by arranging the fights on fans’ demand. There were wins and heartbreaking losses for some fighters, but two fighters on the ONE roster will say goodbye to 2023 with a smile on their faces for sure. Jonathan Haggerty and Seksan, two great fighters of the art of eight limbs, have achieved plenty this year and will start the new year with more enthusiasm.

The British fighter Jonathan “General” Haggerty became ONE two combat sports champion this year by defeating the Muay Thai legend Nong-O-Hama in the Bantamweight Muay Thai title fight in April 2023. Very few had ever thought of the victory over the legend Nong-O-Hama, who reigned over the belt for 1,526 days remaining unbeaten (10-0) prior to fighting Jonathan Haggerty. After winning the bantamweight gold, “The General” moved to “Kickboxing” and fought with Fabricio Andrade for the gold.

All Haggerty needed to strap another belt around his waist was a perfect strike on the ONE Bantamweight MMA champion, and he got it in the start of the second round, which didn’t let Fabricio Andrade stand up again on his feet. Jonathan Haggerty didn’t stop there; he called out Fabricio Andrade for a bantamweight MMA bout during the post-fight interview. Definitely, he would like to start his new year with a win, or probably by adding another belt to his name.

Seksan or Kwanmuang, whose story was nothing short of an inspiration to the upcoming fighters once a bullied child, has now made his name so big in the Muay Thai community that he is now known by the monicker “The Man Who Yields To No One.” Before joining the ONE championship, Seksan was a four-time Muay Thai World Champion, and he continued his legacy in the ONE by registering eight straight wins in the championship; all eight wins came in the year 2023. Seksan is still undefeated in the ONE Championship and would look forward to maintaining his impeccable record.

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