Alex Pereira’s Replied To Artem Vakhitov, Alleged Glory Kickboxing For Unfair Decision

Alex Pereira accused Glory Kickboxing of being unfair while giving a reply to his rival Artem Vakhitov.

Artem Vakhitov, the old rival of the reigning light heavyweight champion of the UFC, Alex Pereira, recently challenged the champion for a trilogy fight in the UFC. Artem Vakhitov was the last fighter to defeat Poatan in a kickboxing match, and he is confident that he can repeat the same if they clash in the UFC. Poatan replied to his rival by accusing Glory kickboxing of a rigged decision in their last fight. Poatan said that the organization gave the win to Artem Vakhitov as the organization didn’t want to give the belt to a fighter who was leaving the organization.

Poatan warned his former kickboxing rival not to get carried away from the advice he was getting and to rethink before saying anything.

“Hey brother, be careful with the people that are giving you this idea. The same person that is advising you has tried the same to me, and I didn’t do it because I’m not stupid. Everyone knows that when they gave you the win, it’s because GLORY knew that was my last fight in the organization, and they didn’t want me to leave with the belt. For you to expose yourself like this, it seems that you’re a bit lost.”

Alex Pereira said(translated by

Artem Vakhitov made his MMA debut last year and has a record of(2-1) so far; the former Glory champion wants his next MMA fight against Alex Pereira. In his recent interview, he exposed Poatan’s weakness, saying he is not the best striker and his fighting style leaves him open while attacking his opponent. A great striker can outclass the Brazilian fighter, and the Russian MMA fighter will be happy to fight Poatan in his next bout.

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