T-Mobile’s MLB Deal: More Free Baseball

T-Mobile strikes a home run with its new deal with Major League Baseball, offering more free access to live games and exclusive fan experiences.

Baseball fans, rejoice! T-Mobile has just announced a new deal that will keep free MLB streaming access going for the next six years. For those who have been enjoying following their teams throughout the 162-game schedule, this is excellent news. With exciting moments like Aaron Judge‘s historic 2022 season and Shohei Ohtani becoming the next Babe Ruth, it’s clear that baseball is still as thrilling as ever. While T-Mobile has been branching out with its sports partnerships this year, including a deal with MLS, its commitment to bringing its customers the best baseball coverage remains unchanged. So grab your jersey, your favorite snack, and tune in to watch America’s favorite pastime for another six years thanks to T-Mobile.

Baseball season just got a whole lot sweeter for T-Mobile users. The mobile carrier is now offering a year’s subscription to MLB.TV, valued at $150, through its T-Mobile Tuesdays app. But that’s not all – T-Mobile has also partnered with the league on an automated ball-strike system for certain Minor League Baseball games. This innovative technology promises to help umpires make accurate calls behind the plate, even when the ball is coming in at a dizzying 90 miles per hour. Plus, T-Mobile is sponsoring this year’s Home Run Derby during MLB All-Star Week and the Little League Baseball World Series. If you’re a T-Mobile user who loves baseball, this deal is an absolute no-brainer.

If you’re a baseball fan, you’re probably familiar with the struggles of living in-market but wanting to catch every game. Unfortunately, MLB.TV won’t do you any favors there, but it still offers some pretty great perks for out-of-market subscribers. With the ability to pause and rewind as needed, you’ll never miss a moment of your favorite team’s game. And if you prefer the Minors over the Majors, you’re in luck – the MLB app offers free streaming access to all affiliate teams’ games. So even if you can’t catch your favorite team’s games in your city, you can still stay in the loop with MLB.TV.

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