MARKUS PEREZ Finds Success at Gamebred Boxing – Three Times More than in the UFC!

Markus Perez says Gamebred Boxing is paying fighters well, thanks to Jorge Masvidal's promotion!

After going 2-5 in the UFC, Perez decided to ask for his release to improve his game, and it seems that decision is paying off as he’s now gone 2-1 in MMA. But what’s even more exciting for him is the opportunity to step into the squared circle against Joe Riggs in the upcoming Gamebred Boxing event. When he was offered to face Paul Daley in boxing, Perez didn’t hesitate to accept, especially with the amount of money he will be making. It’s clear that Perez’s focus is on beating Joe Riggs, but the opportunity to make good money while doing so is certainly a bonus.

Markus Perez, the UFC fighter, has revealed that he is making three times more money than what he makes with the UFC. It’s an impressive figure, but Perez is not only interested in the purse, he’s set his sights on boxing. Despite his upcoming fight, he has his eyes on another event that is being held by Masvidal in May. But before that, he’s completely focused on defeating Riggs. Perez is competitive in everything that he does, and he’s not one to back down from a challenge. Winning this fight could open doors for him in MMA. But his focus is solely on winning the match at hand.

Markus Perez is a name that’s been making waves in both the UFC and the world of boxing. With a pivotal fight scheduled for Saturday, Perez already has his sights set on his next opponent. The 32-year-old hopes to face off against the winner of the upcoming Vitor Belfort vs. Jacare Souza fight. Perez has even gone so far as to offer himself as a backup for the match, eager to jump into the ring in case either fighter is unable to compete. As it turns out, Perez has already made a name for himself in the world of boxing, earning three times more than he does in the UFC. One thing is for sure, when it comes to Markus Perez, all eyes are on the prize.

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