“We are grateful for the gift,” Pakistan’s coach Grant Bradburn shocking remarks after Pakistan’s defeat.

Pakistan's head coach Grant Bradburn who admitted that India outclassed Babar Azam's men in every domain

India defeated Pakistan in the first match of their Super 4 stage of the Asia Cup 2023. The arch-rivals faced each other on Sunday, September 10th, for the second time in the Asia Cup 2023 at Colombo, and as predicted, rain stopped play during that day, but the ACC had already made the arrangements for such events and declared a reserve day for the match, so the match continued from the next day. India, before rain stopped play, scored 147 runs with the loss of two wickets, and from there, KL Rahul and Virat Kohli’s masterclass in batting was seen by the cricket fans as India went on to put a total of 356 runs on the scoreboard.

Both batters scored centuries, which was the reason behind putting such a big total for Pakistan to chase, and in reply to that, Pakistan managed to score only 128 runs and lost the match with a huge run margin of 228 runs, which is the biggest run margin defeat suffered by Pakistan from India. Kuldeep Yadav took his first wicket against Pakistan, and it will not be an exaggeration to say that India outclassed Pakistan in every department. It was Pakistan’s head coach Grant Bradburn who admitted that India outclassed Babar Azam’s men in every domain, and he is grateful to India for doing that as now the team would learn a new lesson.

During post-match press conference Grant Bradburn statements shocked everyone.

My gut feeling is that we are grateful for the gift that has been this last two days. We don’t get to play some of the best players in the world very often”

Grant Bradburn

We lost at all facets of the game,” Bradburn said. “No excuses, we weren’t good enough in the last two days. Our batting unit hasn’t clicked in the past month and again, that is a positive sign,” he said. “We have full trust in them. We are very consistent with our selection. We know they will come right.

He added

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