“They have made cricket a joke” Mohammed Shami Criticizes Pak’s Hasan Raza Claims Against India

Mohammed Shami slams Pakistan's Hasan Raza for the latter's bizarre remarks during the ICC World Cup 2023.

Though the ICC World Cup 2023 ended with India on the losing side, no one can deny the extraordinary performance of the Indian players, especially the Indian bowler Mohammed Shami, who also ended the tournament as the highest wicket taker. While the tournament was going on, there were numerous attempts made by some of Pakistan’s cricketers to defame the Indian bowlers; they even went on to taint the reputations of the ICC officials and accuse them of providing a different cricket ball to the Indian bowlers that gives India’s bowling side extra swing.

It seems like the ball gets changed in the second innings. I think the ICC, umpire, or the BCCI is giving a different ball to the Indian bowlers. The side batting first scored 350 and were all over the chasing team. The way Mohammed Shami bowled his first ball, even Angelo Matthews was stunned. During our playing days, there was only one ball which was utilised, and had both swing and reverse swing,”

ex-Pakistan cricketer Hasan Raza said

Hasan Raza made those statements on national TV when Indian bowlers swept past Sri Lanka’s batters, bowling the team out on a score of 55 runs. India scored 357 runs while batting first and claimed the victory by 302 runs in the match. Earlier, the statements made by the ex-Pakistan cricketer were criticized by former Pakistan bowler Wasim Akram and India’s Akash Chopra. Mohammed Shami has slammed the ex-bowler for his bizarre claims and said that he was jealous of the Indian bowlers’ success.

Actually they have made cricket a joke because we don’t enjoy each other’s success. You become too happy when you are being praised, but when you lose, you feel that you have been cheated. You look at the records of the time we have been part of the team, you won’t even find them close. Jalan toh puri dikhti hai wo. Itna jalane se kon se results mil jaane hain (Jealously is evident. You can never get good results with this amount of jealously,” 

Mohammed Shami said

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