Isak’s Injury Woes: McAvennie Urges Newcastle to Prioritize Surgery Over Short-Term Fixes

McAvennie urges Newcastle to prioritize surgery over injections for Alexander Isak's groin issue.

Former West Ham and Celtic striker, Frank McAvennie, voiced concerns over Newcastle United’s striker Alexander Isak, predicting that the club may opt for injections to manage his recent groin issue instead of immediate surgery. McAvennie, in an exclusive conversation with Football Insider, emphasized the potential long-term consequences for the 24-year-old and urged Newcastle to prioritize a surgical solution.

Isak, who joined Newcastle in his second season, has already endured eight games on the sidelines due to various injuries but has still managed to score 14 goals. Despite the Swede’s impact on the pitch, McAvennie stressed that a quick surgical intervention is essential to address the recurring issues and prevent potential life-long pain for the player.

McAvennie’s prediction revolves around the idea that the club might opt for short-term measures, such as injections, to keep Isak fit for the upcoming months, delaying the surgery until the summer. However, the former striker strongly advocated for an immediate surgical solution, suggesting that a recovery period of eight weeks would align with the final stages of the season.

Highlighting the potential risks of delaying the necessary surgery, McAvennie expressed concern for Isak’s long-term well-being. He emphasized the importance of addressing injuries at a young age to prevent lasting damage and urged Newcastle to prioritize the player’s health over short-term fixes.

In conclusion, McAvennie’s stance underscores the delicate balance between short-term team needs and the long-term health and performance of a key player. The decision Newcastle makes regarding Isak’s treatment approach will likely shape the trajectory of his recovery and future contributions to the team.

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