Ravichandran Ashwin stuns the cricket community: Reviews a DRS decision.

Ravichandran Ashwin is quite famous among the cricket fraternity for his acts on the cricket field, and this time it is not about Mankading a batter but something that has never happened before in cricket around the world, as the right arm-off break bowler while playing a cricket match in the Tamil Nadu Premier League 2023 reviews a not-out call given by the third umpire. Yes,  Ravichandran Ashwin reviews a third umpire review decision. This mind-boggling incident happened in the match between Ba11sy Trichy and Dindigul Dragons.

Ravichandran Ashwin was bowling the last ball of the 13th over, and when he released the ball from his hand, the batter of Ba11sy Trichy, R. Rajkumar, while trying to hit the ball hard, got caught behind, and the on-field umpire, Krishnamachari Srinivasan, gave the batter out. R. Rajkumar immediately challenged the on-field umpire’s decision and took the review. The third umpire, S. Nishaanth, after looking at the required number of replays and angles, gave the batter not out as the ball didn’t touch the bat of R. Rajkumar, but Ravichandran Ashwin was not satisfied with the decision of the third umpire and took another review challenging the decision of the third umpire.

As S. Nishaanth (the third umpire) had already given his decision, there was no possibility that he would change his decision of “not out,” and that’s what happened as he looked at the Snickometer again and upheld his earlier decision of “not out and asked the on-field umpire to change the earlier decision of “out. 

Ashwin bowled a decent spell of 4 overs in the match, finishing it with 2-26, though in the last over of his spell he was hit for 17 runs by the same right-handed batsman of Ba11sy Trichy. In the last ball of his spell, he got his second wicket of the match when the left-handed batter Ganga Sridhar Raju was given LBW.

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