Top 10 Cricketers With Zero Haters Around The Globe

Here are some of the names of those cricket icons who have gained global respect and have almost zero haters in the cricket world.

Any sport is kept alive not just by the fans who watch it but also by the players of that sport because they are the real source of adrenaline to their fans, and in a sport like cricket, which is called “Gentlemen’s sport,” several players with their sportsmanship have not just earned the respect of their native fans but also admiration from the entire world. Here are the names of such cricketers who have nearly zero haters around the globe because they kept the spirit of sport alive throughout their careers and helped in popularizing this sport around the globe.

10. Adam Gilchrist:

The former Australia’s left-handed wicketkeeper batter is one of the most respected cricketers around the globe. He was a true gentleman, both on and off the field. Adam Gilchrist, during his prime, was a regular representative of his nation in international matches; he was part of the World Cup-winning team three times (1999, 2003, and 2007). His calm attitude during the game made him one of the finest batters and wicketkeepers in international cricket. Due to his nature, he got the love of the Indian fans as well when he was a player in the Kings XI Punjab (now Punjab Kings) and comes in the list of cricketers with zero haters.

9. Cheteshwar Pujara:

India’s right-handed batter, Cheteshwar Pujara, was hardly seen arguing with anyone on the field. His calm demeanor worked in his favor on the field, though India’s batter remained limited to only one format of cricket. He made regular appearances for India in the red-ball format. Who can forget his Gaba Test innings against Australia, who remained undefeated at their home ground in test matches? His innings of 56 runs off 211 balls were one of the most resilient innings ever played by an Indian batter. He took bouncers on his shoulders, got hit on his ribs, and twice on his head, and still he played so calmly and kept going. He earned a lot of goodwill from cricket fans for his courage and composite nature.

8. Muttiah Muralitharan:

Muttiah Muralitharan is one of the most fearsome spinners of his time. In his prime days, he was referred to as a batter’s nightmare, as it was difficult for the batters to read this spinning maestro. Muralitharan’s lethal spin destabilized the opposition’s batting line-up several times. Despite getting such fame in international cricket, he is known for his humble nature in the cricket community; he didn’t even utter a bad word for the Australian umpires who accused him of “chucking” during the game, which was once an international issue.

7. Chris Gayle:

The Caribbean giant has a distinct personality in international cricket. Opponents’ bowlers, while bowling to Chris Gayle, were always afraid to bowl him because they knew that one small mistake and the ball would take a trip out of the park. But the left-handed batter wasn’t just known for his power hitting; he was also admired and loved by cricket fans around the world because of his jovial nature while playing the match. He was captured many times on the field dancing, making jokes, and entertaining the fans with his funny acts.

6. Lasith Malinga:

There were few bowlers in international cricket as impactful as Sri Lanka’s Lasith Malinga, who hasn’t just achieved cricket records in his career but also earned respect for himself. He is one of Sri Lanka’s players who has the respect of not just opponents but of cricket fans as well. In India, he is primarily known for his role in the IPL franchise Mumbai Indians, whom he also coached after taking retirement from cricket. He is now playing his role as a coach, grooming young bowlers for international cricket.

5. Rahul Dravid:

India’s cricket team, “Wall,” Rahul Dravid, is one of the most talented batters India has ever produced. Getting his wicket in test cricket was an arduous task for the bowlers. Even the teams with a line-up of lethal bowlers got a taste of Dravid’s resilience in test matches. Though he was known as “The Wall,” he was the most gentle cricketer back then. He was never caught in a heated argument and tried to remain calm while playing against the teams, who were known for their teasing tactics and sledging. That’s why he gathered praise and was adorned by fans worldwide.

4. Ab de Villiers:

One of the most celebrated South African batters, Mr. 360 of cricket, Ab de Villiers, has been a hotshot in the franchise cricket leagues due to his batting skills and unrealistic batting style. Bowling to him in the death overs was a challenge even to the world-class bowlers because where he would play the ball was hard to guess. Not just because of his batting brilliance, but also because of his on-field supportive nature and sportsmanship, which make him one of the most admirable batters in the world.

3. Steve Waugh:

Australia, no doubt has produced champions, but they are also famous for their not-so-calm attitude. Steve Waugh has created a soft corner in the hearts of cricket fans by creating a distinct identity for himself. That’s why he is claimed to be the true sportsman. Steve Waugh not only earned respect for guiding the Australian team to several trophies but also because of the charities that he regularly supported in his cricket career.

2. Kane Williamson:

New Zealand’s right-handed batter, Kane Williamson, is respected not just by cricket fans around the world but by the whole cricket community for his calmness and cool attitude. His respect for the IICC rules can be seen when New Zealand got defeated in the finals of the ICC ODI World Cup 2019 not by runs but because of ICC rules. He was never seen by anyone showing his anger and rage on the field and always maintaining a positive aura around himself. That’s also one of the reasons for New Zealand’s success in all formats of cricket; in fact, under his captaincy, New Zealand got their first ICC title; they won the ICC World Test Championship 2019–21.

1. MS Dhoni:

India’s most successful captain and one of those cricketers who will be remembered for ages MS Dhoni, coming from a very humble background, this Indian cricketer took India to new heights; hardly any captain has ever achieved what he had in his tenure. During his run as Indian captain, he guided the team to three world titles. His strategic mind and right moves at the right time made him a successful player not just in international cricket but in domestic leagues like the IPL, where under his captaincy, the Chennai Super Kings won five titles. His calm mindset made him the most dangerous batter in the final overs of the game; that’s why he was arguably the best finisher in the world.


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One name that comes to mind of cricket fans if we talk about respect is New Zealand’s skipper, Kane Williamson. Though there are many cricketers who are respected around the globe, Kane Williamson is currently an active player in international cricket, so that’s why he is at the top of the list.

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Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid is the batter who tops the list of the batters who never got out on a zero in their international cricket career.

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