Andre Onana Was Unhappy With Rigobert Song’s Decision

Andre Onana was left out of the Cameroon squad against Guinee because of the delay, which made him angry. Rigobert Song’s team did not start well against the Guinee, as they ended with a 1-1 draw, which was not the result they hoped for, as they were the favorite to win the match because of their superior squad quality.

Onana played the Premier League match against Hotspur on Sunday, and after the match, he immediately took a private jet to reach Ivory Coast to play at Yamoussoukro’s Charles Konan Banny Stadium against Guinee, but due to bad weather, the flight got delayed and had to change the route to land in Abidjan.

Samuel Eto, the chief of Camerron FA, permitted Onana for the Spur match, leading him to miss the opener of Afcon 2024. It was 5,000 miles to be covered, which he did, but he had to sit out in the first match of the Afcon 2024.

Manchester United Signed Onana

Onana has not had a great season with Manchester United since he came to the team, as he single-handedly made Manchester United exit in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. He made many mistakes in the league and UCL, which is why, in one of his interviews, he said he was unhappy with his performance with Manchester United and would look to improve.

Manchester United released David De Gea because of his few errors and age, but it was quite a hard decision to release the Legendary goalkeeper. Onana was the keeper of the years and gave an amazing performance in the UCL with Inter that made Man United sign him for €50.20m.

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