Celtic Fans’ Disruptive Behavior During Minute of Silence Condemned

Disruptive behavior during a minute of silence at Celtic Park draws criticism.

Celtic Park faced controversy once again as a small section of fans disrupted a minute of silence during a recent match. The incident has drawn criticism from various quarters, with former Rangers and Scotland defender Alan Hutton condemning the behavior while acknowledging the difficulties in controlling the crowd.

During a recent game at Celtic Park, a minute of silence was observed to pay respects to the fallen, as is customary during such occasions. However, this solemn moment was marred by whistles and jeers from a section of Celtic supporters in the stands. Sky Sports, who were broadcasting the match, was forced to issue an on-air apology for the disruption.

This is not the first time that Celtic fans have disrupted moments of remembrance. Similar incidents occurred after the death of Queen Elizabeth II and during a silence for the 1971 Ibrox disaster at a match against Rangers in January. Such actions have drawn criticism and condemnation from various quarters.

Hutton, while expressing his disapproval of the disruptive behavior, recognized the challenges faced by clubs in controlling the conduct of every individual in the stadium. He stressed the importance of respecting a minute of silence and paying respects, even if one disagrees with the sentiment behind it.

The incident has once again brought attention to the challenges faced by Celtic in managing certain sections of their fanbase. The Green Brigade, in particular, has been involved in previous controversies and has been banned from the stadium for various reasons.

While the disruptive behavior of a minority has marred the image of the club, many fans and observers hope that such incidents can be minimized, allowing the focus to return to the game and the positive aspects of supporting Celtic.

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