Ex-Wife of PSG Star Breaks Silence After Fortune Secret Revealed

Hiba Abouk, ex-wife of PSG star Achraf Hakimi, shares wise words after learning footballer's fortune secret: "You can't control everything in life".

The news of model and actress Hiba Abouk’s divorce from Paris Saint-Germain superstar Achraf Hakimi caused quite a stir in the media recently. The stunning actress, who has worked in both Spanish and French cinema, claimed half the share of her ex-husband’s fortune in the divorce filing. Fans and followers alike were eager to know Abouk’s reaction to the news, and the actress did not disappoint. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, Abouk remained graceful and poised, expressing gratitude towards all those who have supported her. Her level-headed approach to the situation is commendable and goes to show that even in times of distress, grace and dignity can go a long way.

As if being heartbroken wasn’t enough, Abouk received even more devastating news about Hakimi’s wealth. It turns out that despite all his success and wealth, the footballer doesn’t actually own any of it. All of his assets and earnings are kept solely in his mother’s name. This means that Abouk won’t receive any financial support from him, despite his impressive salary of almost €300,000 per week. It’s shocking to think that someone could accumulate such vast wealth but not have any control over it themselves. It certainly leaves one wondering what other secrets Hakimi might be hiding.

Remember, you can’t control everything in life, but you can control how you react to it. Let go of the need for perfection, embrace the beauty of the present moment and trust that the universe has your back.
Hiba Abouk

Abouk is a name that carries prestige and admiration, recognized as a well-established personality in her own right. So, when news broke out that she was requesting half of Hakimi’s fortune, it sparked a discussion. Some wondered if she actually needed the financial support or if it was merely a matter of greed. However, there is no denying that Abouk has earned her spot in the spotlight and has made a name for herself through hard work and dedication. Perhaps her request for Hakimi’s fortune is more than just a matter of financial gain, but a symbol of her power and influence in the industry. Nonetheless, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding this intriguing situation.

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