Harry Kane’s Silence on England’s Win Over Germany in Euro 2021: Respect for Rivals

Bayern's Harry Kane avoids taunting German teammates over England's 2-0 win in Euro 2021.

As EURO 2024 approaches, Germany’s national team is facing turmoil, but Bayern Munich‘s new superstar, Harry Kane, isn’t gloating about it or bringing up England’s past victory over Germany in the competition. Kane, who scored a crucial goal in England’s 2-0 win that eliminated Germany from Euro 2021, remains respectful of his German teammates.

When asked if he had discussed England’s victory over Germany with his Bayern teammates, Kane responded with a laugh, “No, I haven’t felt like bringing that one up.” He added, “I’m sure none of my new teammates would enjoy it being discussed, so it might have to be kept quiet, that one.”

Despite Germany’s recent struggles, Kane still regards them as formidable international rivals to be respected. He stated, “Germany are still one of the best teams in Europe. The Euros will be tough, whether or not we end up facing the hosts. But we’ve played them before, and we know we can expect them to refocus and challenge for the trophy.”

Germany’s national team has faced a series of setbacks recently, but Kane’s comments reflect his sportsmanship and respect for his fellow players. As the anticipation for EURO 2024 builds, fans of both England and Germany will be eager to see how their teams perform and whether they cross paths in the tournament.

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