Newcastle and Man United’s Injury Nightmare: 14 Players Sidelined

Investigate the highest injury toll in Premier League history, unraveling the causes behind Newcastle and Manchester United's struggle with 14 sidelined players each.

The Premier League has seen a record number of injuries in the first three months of the 2023-24 season, with 196 players sidelined, according to Premier Injuries data analyst Ben Dinnery. This is a 15% rise compared with the previous four seasons.

Two teams that have been particularly affected are Newcastle and Manchester United, which have 11 injured players. They also have the highest number of injuries this season, with 14 each.

What are the reasons behind this injury crisis? Is it related to the increased workload of playing in the Champions League, as Newcastle defender Kieran Trippier suggested to his frustrated fans after losing to Bournemouth?

The data does not support this explanation, as West Ham, who are also playing in Europe, have the lowest number of injuries in the league, with only five this season and none currently.

Dinnery believes that one factor that may have contributed to Newcastle’s injury woes is the over-reliance on their core players last season when they qualified for the Champions League for the first time in 20 years. He said: “Newcastle were the only team across Europe’s top five leagues where nine of their outfield players could play a minimum of 75% of their domestic league minutes last season, which is unheard of.”

Premier League teamsTotal number of injuries 2023-24
Aston Villa10
Crystal Palace13
Luton Town8
Manchester City7
Manchester United14
Newcastle United14
Nottingham Forest13
Sheffield United13
West Ham5
Source: as of 19 November 2023 – not including suspensions or disciplinary issues.

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