Sergio Rico, the PSG goalkeeper, wakes up from a coma after the horse-riding accident in May 2023

Sergio Rico is out of the coma, but his condition is not completely good, so it will take time for the goalkeeper to be on the field once again.

Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Sergio Rico went into a coma after his neck was hit during the horse riding incident. He was then airlifted to the Virgen del Rocio hospital, and after surgery, the doctor confirmed that he had gone into a coma and was in serious health condition.

“Paris Saint-Germain learned of the accident involving its player Sergio Rico on Sunday and remains in constant contact with his loved ones. The entire Red and Blue community offers them its full support.”

PSG gave a statement of their own website.

On June 10th, 2023, he was once again sedated after showing improvement throughout the time. The PSG side did not celebrate their League 1 title party just for Rico and his family.

PSG also canceled their annual gala dinner, and they paid tribute to the goalkeeper as the PSG team wore shirts with his name on them during the first half of their Ligue 1 meeting with Clermont Foot.

On June 19th, 2023, Sergio Rico’s wife revealed that he came out of a coma. She said to the media that at last he was in better condition and now he would not going to get back to sleep, and we all knew that he would come to us and come out of the tunnel because he is a champion.

Rico will stay at the Virgen del Rocio Hospital in Seville for the following treatments until he fully recovers. However, it is still not known when he will be able to play the match again or if will he take a rest from football.

Sergio Rico is still 29 years old and played in a few different clubs, but the most he played with was Sevilla, where he made 170 appearances and won two Europa League titles.

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