Alex Roberts Is Not Afraid Of Roman Kryklia’s Long Reach

Alex Roberts is eyeing the ONE Heavyweight Muay Thai title as he and Roman Kryklia are going to fight at ONE Fight Night 17.

Australian Muay Thai star Alex Roberts, who is soon to be seen in the ONE championship Muay Thai battle with the reigning ONE light heavyweight kickboxing world champion Roman Kryklia, is relaxed and confident about his game plan against Kryklia and is not afraid of the undefeated kickboxer in the ONE championship. At ONE Fight Night 17, the two heavyweights would clash at the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Thailand for the inaugural Heavyweight Muay Thai title. The Ukrainian powerhouse has mauled everyone in his division and won all his fights in the ONE to become the heavyweight kickboxing champion.

In a recent interview with the ONE Championship, Alex Roberts said:

I’ve fought some taller guys before. I’m used to that long-range. I’m just going to play the range to start with, get a feel for it, and then once I’ve got the eyes in, I will go for it.”

Roberts said

Alex Roberts in his last fight clinched the WBC Muay Thai belt, and that’s made the fight even more interesting as both fighters are equally good in their striking power, but one of them would definitely outclass the other one to clinch the ONE Muay Thai title, and that’s what remains to be seen until December 9.

Fight fans in India can enjoy the live streaming of the ONE Fight Night 17 event at Disney+ Hotstar and US Primetime free for Amazon Prime Video subscribers in North America.

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