“PFL is the best place for fighters” Jake Paul Hits Back At Dana White’s Comments On PFL-Bellator Merger

Jake Paul is confident that the PFL is providing better opportunities to fighters than the UFC.

The problem child, Jake Paul, who signed with the Professional Fighters League this year, recently called Dana White’s comments on the PFL-Bellator merger nothing but a desperation to save his business. PFL, the competitor of the UFC, now owns Bellator (another MMA promotion), and UFC president Dana White, after this merger, didn’t look worried about anything, as according to him, these organizations were not at all a competition to the UFC, and when he was asked about that, he replied by saying:

“One s***** organization that sells no tickets and nobody watches buys another s***** organization that sells no tickets and nobody watches. Sounds like a f***** winner to me. Woo!”

Dana White said

Now, when Jake Paul was asked about the merger of the MMA organizations, Mike Heck of MMA Fighting said that the deal was a massive one and there were more opportunities for the fighters in the PFL than in the UFC. By giving reference to the former heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, he called the PFL better than the UFC.

It’s a massive deal. Of course Dana’s going to say that to protect his business. But the UFC is falling. Like what big fights are they putting on?Their biggest star and the heavyweight champion of their organization came to the PFL for better opportunities. The fighters are going where the better opportunities are.”

Jake Paul said

Jake Paul also revealed that the PFL has massive plans for next year as investments are coming in, and there are speculations that Jake Paul would fight UFC veteran Nate Diaz in his debut fight. The two had a boxing match earlier this year, which was won by Jake Paul.

“That’s what 2023, 2024 is all about and the PFL is the best place for fighters. So ESPN crushing it, massive numbers, and they just keep on getting bigger and bigger. New investments infused into the company. So just massive plans, massive things going on. Dana White’s concerned, trust me.”

Jake Paul added

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