Kevin Holland Mocks Ian Garry With A “Wagged T-shirt”. Fans Reacted With “Karma” Jibe

Kevin Holland hasn't stopped trolling Ian Garry, and this time he mocked Ian Garry by wearing a t-shirt with "WAGGED" imprinted on it.

The Irish MMA fighter Ian Machado Garry has been a talk among the fight fans for the past two months, and the reason behind all the talks is not positive. Ian Garry has been mocked by MMA fans for marrying a “WAG” (his wife, Layla Anna-Lee). His wife wrote a book back in 2010 titled “How to Be a WAG,” where she gave tips to women on how to secure a relationship with young male athletes. MMA fans criticized her for implementing what she wrote in her life and manipulating Ian Garry to marry her.

At UFC 292 Ian Garry was booked to fight Geoff Neal during the build up of the fight he mocked Geoff Neal by wearing a t-shirt with Neal’s mugshot imprinted on it now Kevin Holland hit back at “The Future” with his mugshot and “WAGGED” imprinted on his t-shirt, the clip of him training while putting on the imprinted t-shirt is here. 

Fans reacted to the viral video and hit Ian Garry with the word “Karma” in the comment section because the same was done by the Irish fighter to Geoff Neal when they were supposed to fight each other.

Layla Anna-Lee clarified her stance on that and explained to people that it was just a satirical book and nothing more than that, as she was working as a sports presenter back in 2006 and it was her work to engage with WAG’s during the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Ian Garry earlier this month pulled out of UFC 296 due to health reasons, and now he is again booked to fight Geoff Neal at UFC 298 on February 17, 2024, in Anaheim, California.

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