“I don’t really see Topuria winning” Yair Rodriguez’s Big Claim Before UFC 298

Yair Rodriguez predicts UFC 298 will bring a defeat to Ilia Topuria. 

UFC’s top featherweight contender, Ilia Topuria, is going to fight “The Great” Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 298, where the latter will defend his title against the former. Ilia Topuria is looking confident going into the fight and has told media houses that he will finish Alexander Volkanovski in the fight, but according to Yair Rodriguez, Topuria is just delusional, and he can’t even afford to lose this fight. If he does lose the fight, then it will be over for Topuria. The undefeated MMA contender stated earlier that if he wins the fight against Volkanovski, he won’t give a chance to Rodriuez, Max Holloway, or Rodriguez to fight him and go for Conor McGregor instead. 

Yair Rodriguez, being honest about his opinion, said that Ilia Topuria’s calling out Conor McGregor is just for marketing himself, and he won’t be fighting anyone he is desperately calling out, whether it is Conor or Canelo. 

“He’ll talk sh*t about whomever. He’s mentioning Canelo (Alvarez), he’s mentioning (Conor) McGregor. Why do you think he’s doing that? Because he’s marketing. He’ll never get to face somebody like McGregor. He’ll never get to face somebody like Canelo. Of course not.”

Yair Rodriguez said

Yair Rodriguez predicts that Ilia Topuria will lose his fight against Alexander Volkanovski, and people will laugh over him for his brashness after the results. He further added that if he secures a win against Brian Ortega, he won’t be fighting Topuria after that immediately; however, he would love to beat him in the cage after some time. 

I don’t really see Topuria winning. That’s my honest opinion. If I win my fight against Brian Ortega, which I’m planning on doing, and Alexander Volkanovski wins, I would like to face Volkanovski, of course,” Rodriguez said. “Because why would I face (Topuria coming off a loss)? Like, he has nothing to offer. But anyway, I would like to face him at some point. I would like to f*ck him up. Especially like if UFC plans and goes to Spain, f*ck, man, I’ll f*cking fight in Spain because it’s his house. I would love to f*cking beat him in his f*cking house. I respect everybody but this guy.”

Yair Rodriguez said

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