The Kylian Mbappe And Real Madrid Saga Have Another Twist

Kylian Mbappe might be looking for another club as Real Madrid does not agree with his demand for wages and add-ons.

As PSG ready to take on Real Sociedad in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League, the latest rumors of Mbappe and Madrid take a new turn. He is looking for an alternative option after the summer, as he mentions Liverpool and Arsenal as his favorite clubs worldwide.

Kylian Mbappe idolizes Thierry Henry, who is an Arsenal legend, which made him draw a bit closer to them because the status of Arsenal club has been growing over the years once again, and in the last two seasons, Arteta did wonder for the club who trusted them, for the job.

What Happened Between Kylian Mbappe And Real Madrid?

Mbappe is not happy with the Real Madrid approach of signing him on pre-contact as he has only a 5-month contract left on his agreement with Paris Saint-Germain. The transfer team and the CEO do not agree with Mbappe’s ask as they are saying that it is too much for them to pay, but then they are also looking desperately for a striker and right winger. However, the recent performances of Rodrygo and Bhraim Diaz might change the thought of signing a striker with so much to ask about salary.

Liverpool Is The Place For Kylian Mbappe?

Arsenal do not have the big pocket to sign Mbappe in their team, but Liverpool does have the amount to sign him. However, Mbappe does tell the media that Liverpool is the team who are doing well, and he wants to be in the team in the future, but it is just a long shot for a player like Mbappe to sign for Liverpool, who is never known for signing star players and recently their striker Nunez doing amazing over the past few weeks for the Liverpool.

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