Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford Faces Disciplinary Action for Night Out Amidst Illness Controversy

Manchester United's Marcus Rashford faces disciplinary action for reported night out amid illness controversy.

Manchester United has addressed a disciplinary matter involving forward Marcus Rashford after he was reportedly spotted in a Belfast nightclub last week, subsequently reporting himself as ill. The club confirmed the disciplinary action on Monday, revealing that Rashford had taken responsibility for his actions.

As a consequence, Rashford was left out of the squad for Manchester United’s 4-2 victory against Newport in the FA Cup on Sunday, with the club citing his illness as the reason for his absence. Manager Erik ten Hag, addressing the situation after the match, stated that he would handle the matter regarding Rashford’s reported activities in the week leading up to the game.

“Marcus has taken responsibility for his actions. This has been dealt with as an internal disciplinary matter, which is now closed,” Manchester United stated on Monday. The club did not specify whether Rashford had faced a financial penalty for his actions.

Despite missing the FA Cup fixture, Rashford is expected to be available for selection when Manchester United faces Wolves in the English Premier League on Thursday.

This isn’t the first time Rashford’s off-field activities have come under scrutiny. Earlier in the season, Ten Hag expressed dissatisfaction when Rashford participated in birthday celebrations after United’s defeat to Manchester City. In November, the manager addressed the issue, stating, “It is unacceptable. I told him. He apologized and that is it.”

The incident adds another layer of scrutiny to Rashford‘s conduct off the pitch and raises questions about the player’s responsibilities as a high-profile figure representing Manchester United. The club’s decision to address the matter internally reflects their commitment to upholding disciplinary standards within the team.

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