Bengal Warriors Dominate U Mumba with 46-34 Win in PKL 10 Encounter

Bengal Warriors dominate U Mumba with a commanding 46-34 victory in PKL 10 action.

In a thrilling match 118 of PKL 10, the Bengal Warriors showcased their dominance with a commanding 46-34 victory over U Mumba at the Netaji Indoor Stadium. Led by a stellar raiding trio consisting of Maninder Singh, Nitin Kumar, and S Vishwas, the Warriors took a significant step towards securing a spot in the qualification bracket.

Right from the outset, the Bengal Warriors displayed their attacking prowess, racing to a six-point lead within the opening five minutes of the game. Their relentless aggression resulted in the first ALL OUT of the match, propelling them to an impressive 11-2 advantage over U Mumba.

Despite U Mumba’s attempts to narrow the deficit, the Bengal Warriors maintained their stronghold, heading into halftime with a commanding seven-point lead. The Warriors effectively contained Amirmohammad Zafardanesh’s raids, further solidifying their position in the game.

Although U Mumba managed to mount a comeback in the second half, including a crucial SUPER RAID by Shivam, the Bengal Warriors remained unfazed. Led by Maninder Singh’s exceptional raiding skills, they inflicted a second ALL OUT on U Mumba, extending their lead significantly.

As the match entered its final minutes, U Mumba fought valiantly to salvage points, but the Bengal Warriors’ resolute defense thwarted their efforts. Despite a late resurgence from U Mumba, a crucial SUPER TACKLE by Harsh Lad ensured Bengal Warriors’ victory.

The Bengal Warriors’ dominant performance, particularly in the first half, showcased their determination and skill, earning them a well-deserved triumph over U Mumba. With this impressive win, the Bengal Warriors edge closer to securing a coveted spot in the PKL 10 qualification bracket.

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