British Kabaddi League Starts This Weekend

The highly-anticipated British Kabaddi League finally begins this weekend, with teams from all over the UK ready to compete for the championship.

UK’s Kabaddi fever is taking the country by storm as the first grand prix of the professional British Kabaddi League (BKL) is all set to kick off this weekend in Wolverhampton. Ten men’s teams are expected to compete in this exciting tournament, where kabaddi enthusiasts from across the country are looking forward to witness some thrilling matches played by their favorite teams. But that’s not all! The first-ever Kabaddi World Cup will be held outside India in the West Midlands in 2025, promoting and encouraging the sport on a global level. With an All Party Parliamentary Group established for Kabaddi, the sport is only set to gain more momentum in the coming years. It is exciting to see how an indigenous sport from India is gaining popularity and recognition in the UK.

Kabaddi is finally getting its time to shine in Britain, and for good reason. With the cost of living crisis, families are looking for affordable sports options for their children. Kabaddi fits the bill perfectly – it requires no expensive equipment or uniforms, just a willingness to learn and participate. But don’t be fooled into thinking that kabaddi isn’t a serious sport – it’s great for improving lung capacity and quick decision-making skills. And the timing couldn’t be better, with the formation of the British Kabaddi League last year, supported by the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games and the West Midlands Growth Company. With three heats and a final in Glasgow, kabaddi is sure to draw large crowds and plenty of attention.

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