Can Bold Change Create Counterattacks? Telugu Titans

Will the Telugu Titans make a bold change to repeat the disaster of 2022, or create a new glory?

Telugu Titans is a professional kabaddi team based in Vishakapatnam and Hyderabad established in 2014. The current captain is Ravinder Pahal and the head coach is Venkatesh Goud Survi

Known for its powerful and dynamic gameplay, Telugu Titans features a group of talented players who work together seamlessly to dominate their opponents. The team’s signature style is a combination of strategic planning, quick reflexes and raw athleticism. They participated in the league in the same year of their establishment. In the 2015 PKL, they fought hard to reach the play-offs and left the second place in the league table. They also entered the top 5 in the third and fourth seasons, but after that Although there are experienced coaches like Kilaru Jagmohan and players with amazing resumes like Siddharth Desai joining on the way, they still failed to reverse the team’s fortunes and failed to enter the knockout rounds for several years. The performance of the season was described by the media as a “disastrous result”.

The loss in 2022 prompted the team to decide to make some changes. The Telugu Titans decided to keep only Rajnish, Ankit Beniwal and some young players. Rohit Kumar, who was captain last season, and their record signing Siddharth Desai will all be released. The fans are looking forward to their changes, hoping that this team can appear in the playoffs again.

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