India Makes Case for Wrestling, Archery & Kabaddi in CWG

IOA Pushes for Regular Inclusion of Archery, Wrestling, and Kabaddi in CWG at Regional Meet in Australia.

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has taken a bold step in their representation for the inclusion of Archery, Wrestling and Kabaddi as regular competitions in Commonwealth Games. The IOA delegation, with President PT Usha, Acting CEO and Joint Secretary Kalyan Chaubey, and Executive Council Member Lt Gen Harpal Singh (Retd.), expressed their views in a two-day Commonwealth Games Federation’s Asia and Oceania Regional Meet held in Brisbane, Australia. They met with CGF President Dame Louise Martin and her team to discuss topics that would aid in the development of Indian sports. With India having rich history and prowess in these sports, it is only right that they be given the recognition and platform to showcase their talents on an international level.

PT Usha, the former Indian track and field athlete, has welcomed the steps taken by Commonwealth Games Australia on reintegrating Shooting in the 2026 Victoria Commonwealth Games. However, Usha has also expressed her desire to see other sports such as Archery, Wrestling and Kabaddi included in the Games competition roster in future. The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) and the Commonwealth Games Australia have revealed a comprehensive sports programme for Victoria 2026 CWG that includes 20 sports and 26 disciplines, with nine fully integrated para-sports. As a former athlete, Usha knows the importance of promoting a wide range of sports and hopes that the CGF leadership will heed her call to make more sports a part of the competition roster in future events.

India’s strongest sport, shooting, will be making a long-awaited comeback in the 2026 Commonwealth Games. Kalyan Chaubey expressed his satisfaction on the Indian delegation’s discussions with CGF, mentioning the positive impact this will have on India’s medal tally. The inclusion of para-shooting will also add to India’s competitive edge. However, India is not stopping there. Chaubey makes a strong case for Wrestling and Archery to also make their return to CWG. The Wrestling team’s results at the Birmingham Games are a clear indication of India’s dominance in the sport. These meetings with the National Sports Federations are crucial for gaining greater insight and support for their development, believes PT Usha. It is exciting to see India’s ever-growing presence and success in the world of sports.

During the recent meeting, there were a number of productive conversations and updates taking place, ranging from workshops and development to regional plans and sharing of best practices. One of the most exciting updates came from Jeroen Weimar, CEO of Victoria 2026, who provided insight into the progress of the forthcoming Commonwealth Games. With just a few years until the event takes place across the State of Victoria, it was inspiring to hear more about the exciting plans that are already shaping up. With so much to look forward to in the coming years, the discussions and updates from this meeting have certainly set the stage for a bright and exciting future.

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