Kabaddi competition in Udumalai

55 men's and 22 women's teams from various districts participated in the championship held at Netaji Stadium in Udumale.

Jallikattu, the traditional sport of Tamil Nadu, is not just a spectacle, but a symbol of Tamil culture and pride. This ancient practice involves taming a ferocious bull, and it takes skill, bravery, and physical fitness to do so. The origins of Jallikattu can be traced back to the rural areas of Tamil Nadu, where it was used as a means of selecting the best bulls for farming and breeding. Over the years, it has become a popular sport in the southern part of the Asian continent, attracting crowds of both locals and tourists. In our state, the sport of Kabaddi is also an important part of our heritage, and students studying it in schools and colleges are not only learning about its history but also showcasing our cultural legacy.

The Udumale Netaji Stadium was buzzing with excitement as the state-level kabaddi championship brought together 55 teams from the men’s group and 22 teams from the women’s group. Despite the threat of rain, the participants battled it out on the artificial field, making full use of their skills and athleticism. With women attending the first floor and men attending the second, the competition was intense and captivating. And why not, as the first prize of 10,202 and other cash prizes were at stake? It’s amazing to see how kabaddi, a traditional Indian sport, is gaining popularity and attracting large crowds. Kudos to all the participants for their hard work and dedication!

The disappointment of losing in the quarter-finals was somewhat alleviated for the men’s and women’s teams as they received a special bonus and a trophy. However, the lack of sanitation facilities at the Netaji Stadium has caused more than just inconvenience for the players and spectators. The absence of a health center has resulted in physical and mental exhaustion for those who came to watch the game. It’s unacceptable that authorities have ignored calls for basic medical facilities to be made available. Athletes of both sexes should be able to compete in full strength without worrying about the lack of basic necessities. It’s time for the authorities to step up and provide the necessary facilities to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone at the stadium.

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