Kashmir Hosts Senior Citizens Sports Competition

The Senior Citizens Sports Competition in Kashmir includes Kabaddi, Tug of War, and Chess, promoting fitness and active lifestyle among elders.

Kashmir recently hosted a Senior Citizens Sports Competition at DIET Beerwah, and it was a massive success. This event was organized through the collaboration of Budgam’s district administration and Youth Services and Sports. The competition offered exciting sporting events such as Kabaddi, Tug of War, Chess, Carron, Skipping Rope, and Hopscotch. The enthusiasm and energy shown by hundreds of senior citizens, both men and women, were incredible. Their participation sent a message that age is never a barrier for having fun and staying fit. The event was a fantastic way to bring the community together, make new friends, and celebrate the joy of sportsmanship.

The cultural programmes at the event were a true highlight, featuring talented and renowned artists who tackled important issues head-on. Watching the skits, it was clear that these performers were not only entertaining, but also dedicated to raising awareness about the impacts of drugs and other social evils. In addition to this important message, they also emphasized the crucial role of sports in maintaining a healthy and happy life. But their performances didn’t stop there- they also took the time to recognize and celebrate the elder people who participated in sports at the event, reminding everyone of the important role they play in our lives. Finally, these artists urged attendees to take a stand against drugs and provide proper guidance for their loved ones. Overall, their cultural programmes were a meaningful and unforgettable addition to the event.

Deputy Commissioner Budgam, SF Hamid recently emphasized the importance of sports across all age groups. He stated that sports should be embraced by everyone as they contribute to maintaining a healthy and robust body. His endorsement of the program Khelo-India further signifies the value of sports in society. The recent event also conveyed a message that age shouldn’t limit anyone from achieving their goals. In addition, SF Hamid stressed the role of sports in keeping youngsters away from the negative influence of drugs. He also expressed appreciation for the significant participation of the senior citizens in these events, which shows the community’s commitment towards growth and progress.

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