PKL Follows in IPL’s Footsteps, Set to Launch Women’s PKL

The annual Pro Kabaddi League has become synonymous with international kabaddi in just a few years, and it looks set to go one step further now by introducing its own Women’s League – akin to the success of the women’s Premier League. Organisers Mashal Sports are planning to launch this venture in the upcoming season, offering aspiring kabaddi players an opportunity to show off their skills on a competitive platform. Already boasting many national stars among its ranks, the PKL’s expansion has enticed former heroes out of retirement to spearhead their respective teams. With the large following pro Kabaddi already has, the newly loboted Women’s League promises to be a massive success that will allow female athletes from around the world to build legacies in this vigorous sport!

After the significant success of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) for men over the past 10 years, a professional league for women’s kabaddi is now being planned as well. Anupam Goswami from Mashal Sports and PKL has stated that this new venture is based on the successful example of the men’s league and also part of their commitment to making kabaddi a world class sport from India. The collaboration between AMFI, IKF, and other stakeholders will make the initiative feasible and bring women’s kabaddi to professional arenas. This is an exciting time for kabaddi fans as we can look forward to more thrilling matches of this beloved sport both at home and around the world.

The Women’s Kabaddi Challenge of 2016 shone a light on the ambition that women kabaddi athletes have to be given an opportunity to compete in a proper professional league. Despite being given their chance with support and sanction from AKFI, unfortunately the tournament had to be scrapped the following year. But this hasn’t diminished the spirit and fire that these incredible athletes possess. V Tejeswini Bai, Captain of the winning StormQueens team, explains that “the dream of having a women’s version of Pro Kabaddi League has eluded us for years and now holds tremendous potential”. Ther enthusiasm that she exudes is shared by thousands of women across India and around the world. Every person – fans, players and organisers alike – are hoping that this dream can still be made into reality.

Ajay Thakur, who used to be the Indian national kabaddi team captain and a Pro Kabaddi League star, recently joined forces with former Arjuna Award winner Tejaswini Bai to express their enthusiasm for the ambitious Women’s League proposed by Mashal Sports. They showed confidence that this league would bring about a transformation in the lives and image of kabaddi athletes across India. Pro Kabaddi recently announced that its 10th edition will launch on 7th October this year and have left us eager to know more about the details of the upcoming Women’s League. With no time wasted, Mashal Sports is already in full swing promoting the initiative and preparing for its launch. This initiative aims at building a future for women’s kabaddi and we are hopeful to see it reach great heights soon!

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