U.P. Yoddhas|It’s time for a championship

U.P. Yoddhas, a team to be reckoned with, is it their turn to make history this time?

Although U.P. Yoddhas has been established for a short time, its achievements are impressive. Since the team was founded, it has been able to enter the playoffs every season. This is closely related to the leadership style of coach Jasveer Singh. Under his leadership, UP Yoddhas has become a team. Disciplined and hardworking team. Therefore, in their first season after their debut, they entered the top four and entered the playoffs. Although they were finally defeated by the Gujarat Fortune Giants in the knockout round, everyone has already remembered that this is a team not to be underestimated. team.

They also continued to work hard in the following seasons. In 2018, U.P. Yoddhas entered the playoffs again. After a series of impressive performances, they finally lost to the Bangalore Bulls and missed the championship. U Mumba made it to the semi-finals and faced the mighty Bengal Warriors. Although they still haven’t won the championship, it can be seen that they are getting closer and closer to the championship, and perhaps they are about to create their own history.

With the impressive record in recent years, U.P. Yoddhas has established his position in the professional kabaddi world, and won a large number of loyal fans for himself. In the upcoming PKL 2023, U.P. Yoddhas will face again Formidable enemies, in addition to the old rival Haryana Steelers, there are also the Bengal Warriors and the Bangalore Bulls. The fans are looking forward to it, and they will bring us wonderful games again.

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