Sean Strickland Responds To David Goggins “Hell Week” Challenge

Sean Strickland replied to David Goggins's "Hell Week" challenge in his own style.

Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland is a fighter who surrounds himself with controversies now and then; one week earlier, he sparred with an ex-Navy Seal and absolutely demolished him for 25 minutes. Before fighting the former Navy Seal, he had an online feud with the Navy veteran and ultra-marathon runner David Goggins. The two went back and forth on social media, but no conclusion of the verbal fight has been seen yet. David Goggins uploaded a video reigniting the Navy Seal vs. MMA fighter debate. He called out Sean Strickland to go through the intense physical training called “Hell Week” if he wants to prove himself. Tony Ferguson went through the same physical training protocol before fighting at UFC 296.

“This is your opportunity to show that you can f**k me up. I will have camera crews out there [and] you make sure that you bring your camera crews out there. A 49-year-old broke down fu**ed up knee, fu**ed up body guy is gonna put you through a camp.”

David Goggins said

To the call out, Sean Strickland, who is waiting to fight for the title next and has declined offers to fight no one else but the middleweight champion, uploaded a response video on his Instagram account saying that David Goggins could only beat him in the running. He also mocks some of David Goggins’ motivational videos.

“Goggins, I heard you want a piece. Challenge accepted. Just so you know man, the only thing you beat me at in life is f**king running. But guess what, I don’t have to f**king run. You run for me,”

Sean Strickland said

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