Ken Anderson Takes Responsibility for WWE Departure, Buries the Hatchet with Randy Orton: A Look Back at Their Tumultuous History and Reconciliation

Ken Anderson reflects on his WWE departure, taking responsibility for his exit and revealing that he has buried the hatchet with former nemesis Randy Orton after years of animosity

In a surprising turn of events, former WWE superstar Ken Anderson, known as “Mr. Kennedy” during his wrestling career, has opened up about his departure from the WWE in 2009 and his long-standing feud with fellow wrestler Randy Orton. Anderson had previously held Orton accountable for his release, claiming that Orton had complained to WWE management about his in-ring performance, alleging reckless behavior during a match that could have resulted in a career-ending injury.

Anderson also suggested that Orton influenced John Cena to voice concerns to Vince McMahon, ultimately leading to his dismissal from the WWE. However, Orton has refuted the claim that he played a role in Anderson’s firing, stating that while he refused to work with Anderson due to their strained relationship, he did not actively seek his dismissal.

In a recent interview on “The A2theK Wrestling Show,” Anderson revealed a significant development in his relationship with Orton. He stated that he and Orton have managed to bury the hatchet after years of animosity. Anderson also took responsibility for his contentious departure from the WWE, acknowledging that his bitterness and resentment had been misplaced. He emphasized that his actions and behavior had contributed to the situation, and he should have focused on his own actions rather than blaming others.

According to Anderson, the Orton incident was a breaking point in a series of events that led to his departure, but he recognized that he had previously “done enough things” that had strained his relationship with WWE management.

Anderson’s candid admission of fault and reconciliation with Randy Orton mark a significant chapter in his journey, showing personal growth and a willingness to move forward positively. The wrestling world watches with interest as these former foes mend fences and find closure in their past differences.

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