Missed Opportunity: The Unfulfilled Clash of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson in AEW

CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, two wrestling icons, may never have their much-anticipated rematch, leaving fans disappointed.

Two years ago, wrestling fans around the world were treated to a tantalizing prospect: CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, two of wrestling’s most celebrated names, both appearing in AEW’s All Out pay-per-view. Punk marked his return to singles action in a thrilling match against Darby Allin, while Danielson made his AEW debut, creating seismic waves in the wrestling community. The anticipation was palpable as fans hoped to see the two legends face off once more, this time on AEW’s unrestricted stage.

However, fate seemed to conspire against this epic showdown. Various storylines and unfortunate injuries derailed their path to a rematch. Now, with Punk’s departure from AEW, the chances of witnessing this long-awaited clash have dwindled even further.

The last time Punk and Danielson squared off in a singles match was back in September 2012 at a WWE house show. Their last televised bout occurred in July of the same year at Money in the Bank, with Punk emerging victorious on both occasions during his reign as WWE champion.

Much has changed since those matches. Punk married AJ Lee, and Danielson went on to headline WrestleMania twice, building a family with Brie Bella. However, the one constant over the past decade has been their unfulfilled encounter in the ring. While external factors have complicated their paths crossing, AEW’s failure to book this dream match remains a significant missed opportunity for wrestling fans worldwide.

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